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Welcome To i-Email Marketing


Our affordable plans make it easy for anyone to get started with an effective email marketing campaign!

Receive a personal email expert to setup your email marketing strategy as well as answer any questions you may have for as long as you are our client.

Our email marketing plans allow you to start building your email list, thus allowing you to stay in-touch with your clients.
As your list grows feel free to upgrade your plan whenever you wish to.

Email Sign-Ups

This is what it's all about, growing your email list by subscribers who optin.

Email Blasts

This is essential in order to let your list know about one-time offers (info, promo's, holiday specials...etc).


Next, your sign-up will automatically receive an email thanking them for signing up.

Landing Page

This FREE web page provides your visitors and soon to-be sign-ups pertinent info. Plus a "Sign Up Now" form. Similar to the page you are on right now.

Email Drip Campaign

You are free to email your list as often as you would like, any info you wish to let them know about (info, specials, how-to's ...etc)


Check out our affordable packages below and get started today. Remember the money is in the list!

Want traffic to your landing page check out our affordable social media packages.
Email Marketing Plans

  • $19/MONTH

  • Up to 250Email Sign-ups
  • 2
    Auto-Responder Lists
  • 2
    Email Drip Campaigns
  • 4
    Email Blasts
  • Start Now!

  • $39/MONTH

  • Up to 500Email Sign-ups
  • 4
    Auto-Responder Lists
  • 4
    Email Drip Campaigns
  • 8
    Email Blasts
  • Start Now!

  • $59/MONTH

  • Up to 1000Email Sign-ups
  • 8
    Auto-Responder Lists
  • 8
    Email Drip Campaigns
  • Unlimited
    Email Blasts
  • Start Now!

  • $79/MONTH

  • 1000+Email Sign-ups
  • Unlimited
    Auto-Responder Lists
  • Unlimited
    Email Drip Campaigns
  • Unlimited
    Email Blasts
  • Start Now!
All packages require a one time set up fee of $89 and comes with a FREE LANDING PAGE!

  • $189/

  • 1 Week OnFacebook
  • 1 Week OnGoogle Adwords
  • 1 Week OnTwitter
  • 1 Week OnLinkedin
  • 5-12Avrg. Amount Of Clicks
  • Start Now!

  • $379/

  • 2 Weeks OnFacebook
  • 2 Weeks OnGoogle Adwords
  • 2 Weeks OnTwitter
  • 2 Weeks OnLinkedin
  • 10-18Avrg. Amount Of Clicks
  • Start Now!

  • $569/

  • 3 Weeks OnFacebook
  • 3 Weeks OnGoogle Adwords
  • 3 Weeks OnTwitter
  • 3 Weeks OnLinkedin
  • 15-23Avrg. Amount Of Clicks
  • Start Now!

  • $759/

  • 4 Weeks OnFacebook
  • 4 Weeks OnGoogle Adwords
  • 4 Weeks OnTwitter
  • 4 Weeks OnLinkedin
  • 20-32Avrg. Amount Of Clicks
  • Start Now!
All Social Media plans include all necessary artwork as well stats that will be provided at the end of every campaign. All ads will appear as indicated below on their specified Social Media platform. Our ads generate targeted traffic as per your exact (key word, demographics, zip codes..etc).









Frequently Asked Questions

I have very little experience with email marketing?

Not a problem, everyone of our clients receives a personal email expert, who is there to answer any questions they may have as well as setup everything for the client. (Landing & Thank you page, graphics, Auto-responders, email drip campaign and all email blasts) for as long as you are our client.Our email experts can be reached via telephone or email.

Why do I need Email Marketing?

When you have an email list, you have the power to reach your clients. Anytime you choose, with anything you want them to know (New Services, New Products or New Promos) ANYTHING YOU WANT!

How long does it take to get started?

Once we have all your info and payment, your up and running within' 24 hours.

How will I know who signed up and when?

When you start, you will provide us with an email address that we will use to send you real time notifications, of each and every sign up on your page.

I already have a list of OPTED-IN emails, can you promote to my list?

YES, that is fine please fill out the form below and we can start to promote to your list in as soon as a couple of days.

I bought a list of emails can you promote to them?

No, as we do not promote to email address that have not opted-in. i-EmailMarketing only does permission based marketing. Anything else is considered SPAM.

Is it obligatory to choose a social media package?

Not all, you are free to choose which ever service you want. It can be one of them or both of them.

Can I focus on just one platform for my social media marketing?

Yes, just tell us which on you would like to advertise on and we will do the rest.

How long does it take to get started?

Once we have all your info and payment, your up and running within' 24 hours.

How will I know how well my social media marketing performed?

At the end of each campaign we will provide you with a comprehensive statistical report detailing everything from impressions to clicks for each keywords used.

Who creates the text/images that will be used in my social media marketing?

We will create everything from the text to the banners that will appear in your ads. You will approve all text that will appear on the various social media platforms.

How often can I change the text of my social media marketing?

You are always in control of what is said in the ads. Please note that a successful marketing campaign should be given the full length of time in order for maximum results.

Is there a contract that must be signed for the social media marketing service?

No, just like email marketing there are no contracts. However, please note that in order to avoid any stoppage of traffic to your page it is best to renew 48 hours prior to the end of your campaign.

Got A Question? Terrific, fill out this form and we will get back to you usually within' the same business day, if not the following. Or give us a call 210-888-9027